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our featuresThe Features that make AJAY GOODS CARRIER special among the other TRANSPORT COMPANIES are:
1.Domestic Relocation: AJAY GOODS CARRIER have a variety of packing materials and moving vehicles for making your work safer and better. We pack your materials carefully, which include that made of glass, your wooden furniture, dining table, kitchen articles eg. crockery, puja idols, clothes etc. We carefully pack your Car as well as Hardware articles.
2.Our Vehicles: AJAY GOODS CARRIER have variety of vehicles such as LCV, LPT,CAR CARRIER, etc that make your Transportation easier.
3.The Process: When you are ready to move, you may follow the steps described below: Inform us at AJAY GOODS CARRIER and we will send our person to your house. He would then take the survey of your materials and details about the destination.
4.Storage facility: At times, it is very difficult to do immediate Transportation of your material. It is very necessary to keep them in a safe place. For such condition, we keep WAREHOUSES for keeping your materials safe until their transpotation.

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AGC PACKERS MOVERS,Pune Team has 10 Years of experience in INDUSTRIAL TRANSPORTATION of goods. AGC PACKERS MOVERS,Pune Team also deal with industries which are mainly Manufacturers and Suppliers of many kinds of products. AGC PACKERS MOVERS Team deals with them and also do the transportation of there products by providing several type of vehicle. We are highly capable to shift a industry, mall, showroom, hotel, school, containers, and other heavy goods from Pune to any other metro city of India.


AGC PACKERS MOVERS,Pune Team provide Household shifting services from door to door. AGC PACKERS MOVERS,Pune Team provide experts for household shifting.Our Team is expert in household shifting and has the superb tips.Household Shifting includes packing of household materials such as T.V., Computers, Music systems,motorcycle,Glass table, Dining table, Bed,Bike, Crockery, Furniture, car,Scooty & all types of household items.No,1 Household Shifting from Pune to all India !Scooty Moving Packing Services PUNE !Motorcycle Movers Packers Pune.


AGC PACKERS MOVERS, Pune Team provides many types of relocation facilities which satisfies our respective customers and make them relax and tension free during transportation of there goods and materials. AGC PACKERS MOVERS,Pune Team provides several kind of information to their customers which make their customer feel great while shifting. Your satisfaction is our first priority!


AGC PACKERS MOVERS,Pune Team provide fast and safe service to there customers. AGC PACKERS MOVERS, Pune Team provide packing materials like wooden box, paper box, carboad box, cellotape, locking pins, sticer, platic cover, bubble cover, etc for T.V., Computers, Music systems, Glass table, Dining table, Bed, Crockery, Furniture & all types of household items.


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AGC PACKERS MOVERS,Pune Team provide basic vehicle such as Car Carrier,Trailors,Containers,etc. AGC PACKERS MOVERS,Pune Team provide car carrier service in any part of the country....


AGC PACKERS MOVERS,Pune Team provide experts who are trained in Bike packing and other kind of services.Our Team has many safe moving tips....

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